Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 4 - 1st June

(Siem Reap)

Angkor Wat

Our tour guide explaining to us the history of Angkor Wat.

Outdoor Sketching

Entering the Angkor Wat complex - getting our passes

An overview of the Angkor Temples and the temples we visited

Angkor Thom

Bayon Temples

Ta Prohm

Evidence of restoration of the temples around us 

Vanni our guide showing us the size of the tree by taking shelter inside it   

Close up shots of the artifects 

Taking a break and drinking up

Ox Cart Ride

Visit to Old Market

Buffet Dinner/Apsara Dance performance


  1. Another well experienced day!!

    Thank you teachers, for being the mother hens whilst educating them :)

    Can't wait to see you at the airport Grai!!

    Love always,


  2. Great to see that they are enjoying themselves. Hope to see all soooooon......

    1. Maria says the hotel is fabulous & she finds it hard to leave this place 😂

  3. Good day all... Have a safe and pleasant trip back to all the wonderful and caring teachers and students. :)

    Glad that you're enjoying yourself and see you tonight at the airport dear Danish! :)

  4. Hi teachers, is there something wrong with Paing Htoo's forehand? Thanks

  5. They were all given a cloth as a gift.. One of the teachers tied it round his wrist..So some of the boys thought it was cool and started doing it..

  6. :) Thanks. He told me about that when I met him at airport too. Thanks a lot to all teachers for taking care of students throughout the journey.