Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 2 - 30th May

(Battambang / Siem Reap)

Rise and shine at Classy Hotel

We are greeted by the beautiful morning view from the hotel room at about 5am 

A hearty English breakfast buffet

Along the way to Siem Reap, we are greeted by rows of beautiful French colonial architecture

Interesting mode of transport along the road...

A brief toilet break... this time at a secondary school

Sun Yen looking victorious?

Toilets without locks, so teachers become part-time door keepers 

While waiting for their turns to use the toilet, the students stumbled upon an interesting gadget that allows you to manually draw water from a pond. Our guide taught us how to operate it and Grai volunteered to try it. Good job Grai!

Lunch time at an up-scale part of Siem Reap - Menu: Traditional Cambodian food

All filled and ready to conquer Tonle Sap Lake!!

Tonle Sap jetty - Waiting for our boat to arrive 

All eager to board the boat!

On the boat...

All smiles on board the boat!

Floating provision shop

Pet a snake for a fee? Some of the boat people from the nearby Ching Khneas Village attempting to do business with us. Our Eunosians were brave and remained calm as our guides signaled to them that we were not interested and they left. 

Panoramic view of the lake 

Arriving at Empress Hotel

Debriefing and reflecting on what we have learnt from the day's activity

Dinner before going to the Phare Circus Show

Phare Circus Show

The performers doing their act

Up close with the performers after the performance

Group picture together with all the performers after the performance


  1. Thank you for assuring us :)

    What fruitful Day 2!!

    Really appreciate the efforts in posting the pictures. We get to see what our children are experiencing :D

    Continue to enjoy yourselves everyone!!

    1. Thank you! More updates coming along the way! :)

  2. Hello eunosians suppose everyone enjoy their learning journey 😅😀😊

  3. Kai Jun says to you, " everything is fine & thank you for the concern." :)

  4. Great to see everyone having fun...... learning should be fun....

  5. Hello Eunosians.... have a great day on your learning journey trip

  6. We are enjoying watching the great pictures. Keep them coming and enjoy your learning journey Eunosians!

  7. Thanks teachers for the wonderful pictures and constant updates. Have a fruitful learning journey Eunosians! Hi to Danish! :)